The Best Books for Business

Undoing Perpetual Stress 

Stress is associated with a number of physical conditions including back-pain, susceptibility to viruses, chronic fatigue syndrome and autoimmune disease. Richard O'Connor. author of the book Undoing Perpetual Stress : The Missing Connection Between Depression, Anxiety and 21st Century Illness, argues that our bodies are not designed to cope with the stresses of the modern world. More at:  Stress in the 21st Century.

Emotional Survival: An Emotional Literacy Course for High School Students

There are a number of useful, practical texts to support work with angry adolescents that build on these ideas of increasing self control, improving self-esteem and seeing situations from the point of view of others. More at:  Adolescent Anger Management

Who Are You Meant To Be?

This book goes beyond any other personality system or four quadrant model currently available by integrating a century old personality system with breakthroughs in brain science and neuroplasticity. More at:   Who Are You Meant To Be?

My Secret Life on the McJob

Jerry Newman, a college professor who has taught business courses for nearly 30 years, went undercover as a bottom-rung worker for the biggest names in fast food, including McDonald's and Burger King. Newman found that fast-food chains were the perfect petri dishes for covert research: High-pressure, high-volume businesses with high-employee turnover. The pecking order was also crystal clear, from fry cook all the way up to store manager. Details at Fast-Food Management

Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto

Werbach covers a range of issues in his book, from ways in which business electricity costs could be reduced to the need to conduct business in a transparent manner. More at:  Strategy for Sustainability: A Business Manifesto.

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